John Bell

Specializing in: Web Development

Studied at General Assembly: NYC

Proficient in front & back-end
technologies including:

-Ruby, Javascript, PostgreSQL
-HTML5 & CSS & Sass
-Experience with Tools, Frameworks & Libraries
-Rails, Active Record
-AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap
-Sinatra, Underscore.js, OAuth
-Interactive & Responsive Design
-Photoshop, Illustrator & the Creative Suite
-Deployment, Git & Github

Currently avaialbe for employment.
Always looking to further my education.

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Recent Projects:
Link manager providing short, editable, links to be
used within your company.
Login: demo/demo

Live Github

NYC Status
Status of NYC Weather, Subway and Uber
gathered via APIs

Live Github

An Automatic Content Gathering System
Login: test/test

Live Github

WebM as Cover Image
Exploring utilizing WebM videos as cover
images with Pure CSS

Live Github